Friday, March 30, 2012

yesterday was thursday.

me and little brother. making our "i'm so bored get me out of here" faces.
Well, it's Friday, Friday, gotta get down on Friday.
I heard a small child singing that after school today, and was filled with a rush of memories. 
Ok, mostly the memory of when that song came out, and I laughed and laughed, and then ran (literally) across the block to my friend's house and made them watch it. 
Our lives were never the same.

In other news, just thought I'd leave you with some hilarious things children say in elementary school, and also some mildly funny things other people say in real life. Because real life should be documented in quotebook form.

(waiting in line for the hunger games next to some middle schooler's)

Girl 1: Mom? Is it bad if I copy this work?
Mom: What is it?
Friend of Girl 1: It's just a study guide!
Another Friend of Girl 1: It's not bad if the answers are wrong!

"My sister is like the luckiest person ever. Her birthday is the day Hunger Games comes out."

(little brother)

"I mean, when you watch Bambi, it's like oh, that's sad. But when you're watching Fox and the Hound, it's like WHAT?!?!?!? (sobbing noises)"
Boy 1: (throws ball up in the air and catches it, impressing all of his friends)
Brother: Wow, it's like you can only catch things in front of 50 people.
Boy 1: Oh yeah? Well you can't even block.
Boy 2: Yeah, he's right. You can't block.
Brother: Ok, Quarterback. How about you block, and I'll throw the interceptions?

(elementary school, mostly, ok all, involving the same adorable boy. We'll call him I.)

 I: (pulls me down by my elbow to listen to him. Whispers fiercely.) Jacob is my NEMESIS.
Me: What? Why!?
I: (burning look in eyes.) He... He LOVES Pokemon. And I.. and I... and I HATE POKEMON!

I: (to the teacher, after she has told him numerous times to do his math on his own.) You have two answers to the question 'will you help me?'... Yes, and yes.

I: The student teacher is much, MUCH nicer than you.
(ha! take that, Mrs. Coleman! jk.)

I: (softly, matter-of-factly stating to J) I'm just not that kind of kid. I'm just a thin kid who doesn't eat that much, and doesn't like math.

Ah, the joys of life and the funny people in it.

p.s. it's hard to be professional when your students are so funny!

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