Friday, April 13, 2012

exceeds expectations

hey it's meeee... just takin pictures of myselffffff... totally normal.
I just tried to write an expectations vs. reality post... but the problem was that this week actually kind of lived up to my expectations. (except for the time I thought if I closed my fingers and snapped I would actually teleport... that was a moment of crazy, and my expectations were completely wacked.) I had an awesome week, you guys. I don't want to sound all... like I think I'm a hot shot or whatever. But I can't help feeling this way. I'm sure everyone has these moments, right? Where you realize that you are in the right place? That you have something you're good at... not just good, but like... really good? It doesn't happen that often for me. It really doesn't. And I hesitate to post this, because I feel like I'm tooting my own horn or something. But honestly and truly, this week nothing has been made more plain to me than the fact that I was born to be a teacher. Straight up. There is nothing in the world like helping a little girl understand a math concept she was struggling with, and then watching her get 100% on her test. Nothing.

p.s. enjoy life, guys. it was made just for you.

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