Friday, April 20, 2012

expectations vs. reality

To everyone who asked... so like, one person...

expectation: Monday would be a beautiful day. Shining sun, children's laughter, homework completed early, everything going my way.

reality: The sun shined a bit, kids laughed and school was fun, didn't do any homework. Got bad news after bad news. Drove in the canyon for a bit. Kicked a pebble across the road for insubordination. Made angry faces in the mirror.

expectation: Everything would work out. I would get my way, because I had the best arguments ever. I would also achieve great things during my social studies lesson at school and my advisor would be crazy proud of me. Then I would eat tacos to celebrate.

reality: I did not get my way. At least, not the way I originally wanted. Because I chose to keep things the way they happened. (The principle of the thing, I don't believe in coincidences.) I aced my lesson, my advisor had nothing bad to say about me, and I did indeed, eat tacos. Much laughter happened. And I ended up surprising myself by watching the worst movie ever made. Troll 2.

expectation: I would go on a field trip with my second graders. We would have delightful times at the fire station and the police station. Then we would eat lunch and frolic at a park in the sunshine until our day was done.

reality: We went on the field trip. The fire station and police station were super cool. A kid threw up and had to go home. It poured rain the whole time, so we went to the park and shivered our butts off while eating lunch. After which we got dejectedly on the bus, and watched Reading Rainbow back at the school. I did have a cookie though, which was nice.

expectation: I would go grocery shopping and get a whole bunch of things that I needed. My school mates would stop teasing me about eating a granola bar and a small carton of apple sauce for lunch. I would have real food! I would show them! They would be green with envy!

reality: I walked out of the store with bananas, apples, more granola bars, turkey, milk, and unnecessary lemonade. Everyone still made fun of me.

expectation: When my friend Stacia came to visit me, we would go around the town doing random crazy things before she leaves for a year and a half.

reality: We went to Harmon's and tricked the nice man named Russell into offering us samples of all their exotic fruit. Of course, he really knew exactly what we were doing and got us to try a cumquat (sp?) which was excruciatingly and unexpectedly sour. But he made up for it eventually.

p.s. this post is dedicated to Jason Steinmann. Who is now obligated to comment. And so are the rest of you. Gotcha.

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  1. Once I went on a field trip to the Utah Symphony and Sean Shinzel threw up on the bus. Needless to say I haven't been to the symphony since.
    Thanks for the shout out by the way.


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