Monday, April 23, 2012

just, listen to me for a moment, please

It's the change in the air, I think, that brings this uncertainty and on-the-brink-of-something-new feeling.
Everything in my life is right there. On the brink.
If I made any sudden movements, something new would happen. But I've just been sitting here for so long. Looking around at all the possibilities. Weighing them in my mind, in my hand, in the whispers of people around me. 
The choices, the new ideas, the people, places, things - they follow me everywhere. Waiting for me to move. They knock on the side of my head gently, telling me to get a move on. Tell me to choose my love, and love my choice. 
And I say, I will. I'll move, I'll choose, I'll jump. Just - give me a minute to gather myself.

p.s. somebody that i used to know is STUCK in my head. literally, stuck there. i may never recover.

1 comment:

  1. I love Somebody I Used To Know- Gotye's voice is wonderful. Also where is her (your sisters?) mustard skirt/dress from? It's lovely


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