Tuesday, April 24, 2012

i seem to have become more boring over the years

top: F21; skirt: Anthropologie; shoes: idk abi's closet.
Summer is really making an appearance in these parts... which means it will definitely rain/snow this weekend. Such is the life of a Utahn. Today I have NO SCHOOL for some random reason I can't remember... but which makes me almost certain I am choosing the right profession! Just kidding, I think there is a teacher's meeting or something... I'm sure I'll love those. And I'll definitely be spending the day doing lesson plan after lesson plan, might as well get them done for Friday. AKA last day of classes. Ah, the end of school is always so bittersweet. mm... mostly sweet actually. with a little salt. Well, i'm just rambling now. Let's look back at previous last weeks of school in college:

Freshman Year: DEFINITELY bitter sweet. I did NOT want to move home and leave my roommates. So I spent the week with my best friend/roommate Stacia, acing SOIL 2000 finals, watching America's Next Top Model, making chocolate covered strawberries, and having sleepovers in our front room.

Sophomore Year: I was so ready to go home. Complete opposite of Freshman year. I have vague memories of this week. Walking to finals in snow storms, and packing up as quickly as I possibly could.

Junior Year: I had just barely broken up with someone, so, pretty ready to start the summer. I had a horrible cold which caused me to feel weak, so I had to keep sitting down in between packing up my mountain of clothes. I also tried for my first time to tuck my shirt in with a belt. You can tell this was monumental because I actually do remember doing that.

Senior Year: Oh wait, that's this week. I'll probably tell you about it later.

p.s. after every single one of these years I went home and saw a midnight movie either with my friend Sarah, or with my sisters and brother. And this year is no exception. Avengers, here I come!

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  1. Love, love, love those shoes! So cute

    PS the end of your freshman and sophomore year, sounds exactly like mine!


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