Wednesday, April 11, 2012

you guys you guys! I won an award!

i won something! yay!
This is really exciting, because the only thing I have ever won in my life is the science fair in fourth grade... which I think is a topic I have exhausted. But anyway, look at this. My blog/real life friend Katie nominated me for this award. So I guess I'll just oblige her, and discuss 7 random facts about myself with all you lovely people!

1. Lately, I have been ridiculously in love with rolling down my windows on the way home from school and listening to happy music. It's better than air conditioning.

2. I have, in all seriousness, closed my eyes and snapped my fingers, believing that I could teleport to school if I did.

3. It is one of my biggest dreams to have a porch swing. I find them really romantic and relaxing.

4. Every morning when I wake up, I check Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, and Blogger, in that order. I save blogger for last, because I love it the most. Last the best of all the game.

5. I have a tendency to organize things either alphabetically or by color. Specifically rainbow order. Things look better to me that way.

6. My earliest memories involve me putting on my own shoes.

7. This may be nerdy, but I can literally read Harry Potter over and over again. I re-read the series at the beginning of this school year, and when I finished the 7th, I was like, again?!? (don't worry, I refrained.)

Well, that's it! So, here are the rules of this award:

Each Nominee Should:
  1. Nominate 5 fellow bloggers for the Versatile Blogger Award
  2. Add an image of the Versatile Blogger Award
  3. Thank the blogger who nominated you in a post with a link to their site
  4. Share seven completely random facts about yourself
  5. Include this set of rules
  6. Inform each nominated blogger of their nomination
My nominees are:

Abigail from Epiphanies
Jenna from Unencumbered Words
Jessica from The Jess Mess

Thanks Katie! That was a blast and a half.

p.s. i need to go to the library, but can't turn off the voice! what up with that?


  1. hahaha the voice. so addicting.

  2. p.s. I feel like I haven't commented on your blog in a long time. I'm still here. I still read your blog. I still enjoy it. That is all.


  3. i don't get it. how do we find out if we actually win? being nominated is great, but what does it really MEAN?


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