Monday, May 28, 2012

coincidence? i think not.

An interesting thing happened to me last week.
I received a text message from someone who I feel I am pretty close to. It said, "...You wanna know what bugs that I talk to (friend) a lot and I feel like I have a good read on him. Likewise I talk to you often but no read... I know your circumstances, but what do you hope or plan on? I don't know."
I was surprised by the message, but replied to it with anything I could think of that are my hopes and plans.
I just thought it was so interesting that I knew what he said was true. And that I have thought that many times after conversations with not just him, but other people as well. The thought that, they don't even know me. But that's not the interesting part.
The interesting part is that a couple days later, another friend came over to my house to borrow a book, and said the EXACT SAME THING to me. Exact. Like, word for word.
So, why is this? Why do I know so much about people, and why do I have such close friends, that when I think about it, actually don't know a whole lot about me?
And I think I figured it out. I only let people know those things about me if I am absolutely certain that they care to know the answer. I'm a really honest person. You can ask me any question and I'll tell you the honest answer. But I won't tell you unless you ask. Because to me, that shows me that you actually care. I've never been one to just volunteer information. I'm afraid of seeming weak because I share my thoughts and feelings with people. And since when was that good? Maybe that's not ok? Maybe I need to be a little more open? Maybe that's what this whole incident was supposed to tell me.

well said, taylor.

But to those who pointed it out to me, I say thank you. And I'm glad you finally cared enough to ask. :)

p.s. sorry i've been a bad blogger lately. 

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  1. Yes. I have often wanted to dig a little deeper into the soul of Madeline Newhouse. But I also think you are more open than people see. They just need to see that you open up in a different way. If that makes sense.

    Anyway. Have a good day.


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