Thursday, May 10, 2012

what will you love?

I've just been thinking a lot lately about the things that matter most. It seems like life comes so fast, and there is so much to worry about, and stress about, and text and call and facebook about. But if you just take a step back, just ONE step, you start to notice the other things in your life. The things that really matter. And when it comes to me, I know the most important things are faith and family. I would be nothing and nowhere without these two things guiding me on this crazy journey. Everything I know about myself and the world around me comes down to my faith. When I question life, I remember what I believe, and what I know to be true. And I turn to my family, the ones who will unconditionally be there with me FOREVER. 

And forever, as we know, is a very long time.

So, my new goal is to keep this in mind. To look around me and see the beauty in my simplest life. To love my family with all my heart, and to show them that I love them. Not just feel it. So often I feel like our love is taken for granted, the love we give and the love we take. 

Tell people you love them. Show them you love them. 

I think, there is nothing more important. 

Love is all you 

p.s. what is most important to you?

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  1. Love your style and you are so sweet! follow each other?:X


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