Monday, June 25, 2012

this is a typical monday at efy

Wow! It is super late and I am writing this in a state of almost exhaustion. But I said I would write it, so I am, and that is what counts. Throughout the day I had to remind myself to take pictures of what was happening, so I'll just try to explain along those lines. Of the pictures I mean... not real lines? Anyway, like I said. State of almost exhaustion.

So first things first... in the morning on Monday we have a meeting with all the counselors to get to know each other and give some announcements.
this is what that looks like. cool shirts and khaki's right?
After which, counselors learn the orientation dance or try out for musical numbers throughout the week. This week I was in charge of picking the singers. So, I did that. But I didn't take a picture.

After that, we all head over to check-in and get everything ready for the youth to arrive. Which I also didn't take a picture of?? oh well. This week my little bro is here, actually, so I was pulling double duty as a counselor and a mom, and I took him to lunch. This is what that looked like.

root beer freezes.. what is better? nothing.
After that, I took him back and introduced him to his counselor and sent him on his way! Poor guy was nervous... first time away from home and everything. But I think he is doing all right. So while the kids meet their counselors, us Building Counselors suffer from something that I think they call boredom. And this kind of thing happens...

we work with high schoolers, so i guess we think this kind of picture has to be taken.
After all that, we have the orientation meeting, and the youth learn all the rules, and meet the Session Director and that kind of fun stuff. They all wear their participant t-shirts and look super awesome.

And sometimes this is also boring for us Building Counselors so we end up entertaining ourselves with things like this as well.

i don't think this needs an explanation.
And following that we have dinner, and then move forward to Family Home Evening. This is where the Session Director gives an (awesome!) lesson, and then they all play games in their companies (which are two or three (or sometimes four!) counselor groups put together.) It's precious, and we even give them treats. As pictured below.

fruit roll-ups are the treats. the healthy kind. of course.

this is them learning about goal setting after playing games and eating treats and stuff. it's fun.
And then I observe counselor devotionals at night and make sure they are being good teachers and that their girls are being nice and cool. And then I walk around and make sure they have their lights out on time and go to sleep! so I can go to sleep. This is the biggest contributing factor to my exhaustion... teenagers would rather not go to bed early.

So without further ado, good night! And I will try to continue documentation tomorrow!

p.s. i'm tired.

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  1. i am having bad feelings toward EFY and mostly EFY counselors at the moment. i'll explain sometime to you maybe. but i'm also partially jealous that you are doing EFY. it's been my dream since I went!


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