Tuesday, July 17, 2012

i usually don't do things like this!

I usually don't do things like this, but for some reason it just seemed like a "why not?" moment. Why not moments are great. Because they usually lead to good things that you never expected to happen. At least, in my experience. I guess it could also lead to something like your rope snapping while you're rock climbing or something... but what are the odds of that anyway? So.... back to the topic at hand. You see all those little squares on the right side of the screen? With cute little faces in pictures of people who have followed my blog? They're so great, right? And I just happened to reach the awesomely whole number of NINETY this week! What the? I could not be more grateful or humbled by the amount of people who read my blog, and come up to me telling me that they love it. That's seriously the sweetest thing, because really? Who knew that people would care about my thoughts? But that's just something great about blogging, isn't it? We can connect with people in a way that you don't always get to in person. So, here's the deal. If I reach 100 followers, I will write about whatever you want me to! (within reason) (i'm getting to that part). I'm going to start a poll on the side of the screen, so that you can vote for what you want me to write about. But I won't write about it, unless I reach the grand ole number of 100. Get it? Cool, huh? (maybe it's totally lame! most likely! ahh, whatever.) I mean, we all know that I'm not completely candid on this blog... especially about the juicy details. But here I am, promising details for just 10 more followers. It's up to you guys... but, just saying. Last time I did something like this, you all got to read about my first kisses. And no big deal, but three of them are my most popular posts so....

p.s. if you're already a follower, you can still vote. and thanks for reading! thanks to everyone! if I could I would throw you all flowers!

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  1. you reached ninety because of Megan Schmutz :) i told her she would enjoy your blog


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