Wednesday, June 5, 2013

i am a fan of black and white.

When we first got back from the honeymoon, it was straight back to school for me, and straight to... nothing for Alex. It was kind of hard. I mean, I was super jealous when I would wake up at 6:30 in the morning and he would lay there, sleeping so peacefully, not a care in the world! And now school is over for me. That was a pretty surreal thing right there. Just walking out of the school, knowing I wouldn't be back except to set up my own classroom for next year! Anyway, now Alex and I wake up together and try to find things to do to fill our time.

Alex has to work a lot of nights during the week, so I have to find ways to entertain myself - by myself. I got a library card! I went to the library, parked on the completely wrong side, walked all the way around the building, wandered in, filled out a form, and received the card. Then, I perused the shelves, feeling really out of place. The library used to be my home, way back when. But now, I haven't read a good book in like, five years. So it took some getting used to. On the way out, I encountered a man at the door with a double wide stroller. I waited patiently for him to come inside, and then started to go out, only to hear "MA'AM? MA'AM YOU CAN'T GO OUT THAT DOOR." It was the man with the stroller. Mortified, I tried to continue out the door anyway, It was open, and it was going where I needed to go... so... "MA'AM! YOU CAN'T GO OUT THAT WAY. YOU NEED TO USE THE OTHER DOOR." I figured the only way to get him to quit talking about it was to follow his instructions. The other patrons gave me pitying looks as I sidled on out of there.

Sometimes I make treats to cure boredom. This isn't really the healthiest thing to do, but it takes time. On my first endeavor, I was trying to make some blondies. I thought, oh! I'll put the dough in our fancy new blender that advertises blending cookie dough! I tried and tried, all the different blender attachments and buttons, but the blender seemed determined to thwart my efforts, and even had the nerve to slice my left pointer finger. Eventually I gave up and just used my handy dandy hand mixer. But believe you me... that blender and I will meet again.

One day, I thought, I should start watching Gilmore Girls when Alex is gone! That will be a fun thing to do, that I'm sure he wouldn't mind missing. Only, when he came home and sat down to finish an episode with me, he got hooked. And now I can't watch it without him, so I need to find yet another thing. I need some hobbies, eh?

Married life is definitely more fun when your husband is at home with you. And that's the moral of the story!

p.s. hopefully i'll write again soon? We'll see.

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