Saturday, June 8, 2013

I used to be an interior designer, did you know that?

So, it's a Saturday morning, and I'm at the library with my husband. I just looked over at him, and he's looking at pictures of gross bugs. It doesn't make much sense now, but I'm sure I'll hear all about it soon enough. We spent the whole day yesterday shopping till we dropped at Target with all the generous gift cards donated to us for our wedding. It was really fun to run around and grab everything you need/want and know that it wasn't really your money... just saying. I think everyone should have that experience at least once in their lives. It was kind of what I imagined winning a Sweepstakes would be like. Do they still have those? I remember wanting to enter those on the internet all the time a while back. Anyway, we got an ottoman that doubles as a blanket chest, a rug, and a lamp set. (And a whole bunch of other things, but those three are the most important.) Alex had to go straight to work when we went back, so I took it upon myself to get everything set up.

I unloaded the car - food first - and then had to take a little sit down break because it was so hot. I was very uncomfortable, and definitely taking a break on the couch would help. After sitting down, I decided to tackle everything else. The rug? Easy. Just lay it on the floor in front of the couch. The ottoman? Even easier. Place it on top of the rug. Oh, now I have to fill it with blankets. So I took another little rest on the couch. After a minute, I folded all the blankets and placed them inside. Then sat down and started reading a book. The lamp set was eyeing me longingly from the box. I finally scooted over and ripped open the box with a knife. Inside was... a block of styrofoam! I gingerly clawed at the edges of the foam, trying to pry it up, but all the happened was little pieces burst off and fell like snow all around me. I gazed at it somberly for a moment, and then went back to my couch to read.

But that styrofoam! How it glared at me! How it begged to be removed! So I decided maybe it would work if I cut it out piece by piece. I grabbed my knife again, and started removing small bits of styrofoam. The carpet was covered. I noted grimly that I would now also have to vacuum. After a bit of digging and cutting, I finally found the first part of the lamp! I ripped it out in all of its glory. There was no giving up now. Rip! Tear! Cut! Foam noise! The lamps were finally in my hands! I put them together like a master, and set them around the room, happily enjoying my handiwork. But, feeling hot again, I decided to give the couch another go until I was ready to do the clean up.

Anyway, everything worked out, and Alex came home to a clean house and an above average wife writing thousands of thank-you cards, having just finished watching Legally Blonde.

p.s. no word on the gross bug pictures yet.

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