Tuesday, July 9, 2013

a little late in the game but...

The Fourth of July!!!

The Fourth of July celebrations actually began on the third of July for me. Up in Logan, they choose to do their fireworks and everything the day before, so they aren't competing with anyone else. Which I guess is pretty smart! Alex and I had a fun day planned complete with a picnic in a park, World War Z (surprisingly really good!), and fireworks at the Utah State stadium! The firework show was definitely worth seeing, especially since as soon as the first BOOM was heard, the little three year old next to us started cheering, "Yay for America! Go! Go! Go!" which was adorable.

The next day we both went down to visit our families, and had a BBQ with his, but Alex had to go back to Logan for work. :( I decided to stay down there since we were leaving for St. George the next day. We went to a small family gathering thrown by my Aunt Shay, which was really well put together, and then we went back to my house to watch illegal some really big fireworks! It was so fun to spend time with family and enjoy the independence of our country. We really are so lucky!

Yay for America! Go go go!

^^^Isn't he the handsomest? I love this guy.

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  1. What do you mean, google reader doesn't exist anymore? I'm still getting new followers!

    1. I know. It seems to still be around? But all these bloggers said it wasn't going to be anymore? So I don't know.


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