Wednesday, September 25, 2013

i mess up, all the time!

Write about a time you screwed up - a mistake you made. 


Mistakes. Man, I make a lot of them. Who doesn't, really? We're always messing up, making mistakes. It's just... life. The thing is though, there are definitely BIG mistakes, and SMALL mistakes. I feel like the everyday ones are SMALL mistakes. Every now and then a big one comes and knocks you and those around you down for a bit, like a bomb kind of, but I mean, we always get back up and continue on with our lives, right? What would life be if we just sat around and dwelt in a house made up of mistakes? It would be miserable, that's what. I mean, just the other day I called someone the wrong name. Does it make me cringe when I think about it? Sure. Should I let that haunt me forever? No. Life goes on.

Here are some mistakes I have made lately besides calling someone the wrong name.
- I let some kids sit by each other who shouldn't have. I mean, the TALKING that ensued. The TALKING WHILE I WAS TALKING! I can't even. I just can't tell you about it.
- I have eaten pizza three times in the past week. I feel like this isn't a mistake, but I also feel like it kind of is, and I'm just not sure about this whole thing. Does anyone want to go to a zumba or yoga class with me this week?
- I watched Pretty Little Liars. I mean, I just don't do that. And now everything is making me jump out of my skin. Especially a huge BANG that just happened in the upstairs apartment! Oh Alex please come home soon before I die. (For some reason I'm extremely sensitive to slightly not really scary things?)
- I put off grading some spelling tests for weeks. And I'm still putting it off. I mean, RIGHT NOW at this moment I am typing this blog post while the tests are sitting next to me and I feel like I still maybe won't grade them? Heaven help me.
- I keep saying things wrong. It's getting a little ridiculous. All day today I was mixing up words and then smushing them together. It was like making up another language. My fourth graders had to correct me. But I'm just glad they noticed I was saying something wrong - or writing it. That happens too. So there are some brains in those heads, you know?
- I turned up the wrong road. I made a wrong turn! I thought, oh hey, I'll turn right here because that's the road I want, and then suddenly I was turning right onto the road I did NOT want!  
- I thought I could wait to get gas in my car. But then I got in my car and saw that it needed gas right away.
- I thought I could order a 24x30 picture from my photographer for a reasonable price. Maybe $450 is reasonable for other people. Maybe I am confused about photography. But I guess that would just be another mistake for this list.

Those are small mistakes, maybe even inconsequential. Have I made big mistakes? Of course. But I believe in that quote up there like it's my job. Don't sweat the small stuff, and learn from the big stuff. Just live your life! yeah ah ah ah ah ah (trying to sing like Rihanna here... probably also a mistake.)

p.s. has anyone made any good fall treats yet?


  1. Aren't you loving Blogtember?? I have had some great things to be able to post about! I love it!
    Be sure to check out the giveaway on my page today! Xo

  2. Hi Madeline! I found your blog through Blogtember and couldn't help but scroll through your older posts as well. Great stuff! I'm looking forward to reading more.

  3. We're making pumpkin chocolate chip cookies today - I'll have to send you the recipe, they're to die for!


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