Wednesday, September 18, 2013

photo free blogging is like caffeine free dr. pepper... average.

Today's blogtember post was supposed to be one with ONLY PICTURES. I spent all yesterday stewing about it. Now... all pictures, right? Ok, so I have some good pictures somewhere on my computer. They have to be there. Well, nope, I already used those ones recently. What if I did some sort of? What if there was a theme to it? What if I just checked pinterest? What if I... decided not to do this one? Yeah, let's go with that.

If there's one thing we should all admit to ourselves right now, it's that we don't do this whole Madeline's blog thing for the pictures. I do try, though, I promise. I try really hard, and sometimes the stars align and I do something or go somewhere and the pictures - iphone pictures! - are just so, and I know it's worth it. This whole life is finally worth it because of those photographs! Ok, that last sentence was an exaggeration. But seriously, sometimes the hardest part about blogging is the pictures. Who's with me? Anyone? Anyone? Bueller? So...


Did I tell you guys I tried Dr. Pepper this week for the first time? It was caffeine free. I have this cool thing about me where I don't drink caffeine. Yes, when I was little I was the poor deprived Mormon child who thought caffeine was of the devil. But eventually I figured out that it wasn't the condemning sin after all! And yet... I had made it that far without drinking it... and then I found out my mom and grandma have also never drank it... and so that sealed the deal. You're reading the words of a 23 year old caffeine virgin. Alright so back to the story. I tried Dr. Pepper. It's just that, people have been building the whole Dr. Pepper thing up. Like, Dr. Pepper is this reigning tower over all other sodas. So kids, my expectations were HIGH. Like, up a mile.

Alex told me to never tell anyone this. He told me to never let anyone know except for himself. Maybe I'm about to ruin everything we have between us, readers, but I feel the need to be honest. And Honestly? Dr. Pepper was FINE. It just was. In fact, I believe the words I used were, "Average" and, "It tastes like a sweet root beer."

Oh no, I've done it, haven't I? You're already closing out of my blog forever and for always. It's just that, you guys! My expectations were so HIGH! I like it now, I really do. It was just not what I expected. That's what I think. Ok? I'm drinking it right now. Can we still be friends?

And in other news, I'm a huge fan of when we go grocery shopping and Alex says, "Do we need to get this other box of crackers to complete your collection?" and tosses them into the cart.

I've trained you well, Alex. I've trained you well.

p.s. here is a video of me drinking dr. pepper for the first time. it's underwhelming for all parties involved. And please ignore how close he gets to my face, ok?


  1. WHERE did you get caffeine free Dr. Pepper!?!? It's been over a year since I've tasted that blessed goodness.

    Average? You're lucky we still have Haley in common, or else I don't think we'd be friends anymore.

  2. still waiting for your post on your wonderful awesome sweet amazing sister in texas.


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