Monday, September 23, 2013

reunited, and it feels so good

A "life lately" post. What you're up to, how you're feeling, how you're doing on your goals, etc. 

all of us together for the first time since early 2011
In my life as of lately, I am...

Making : students cry. I told him over and over again that he could call his mom and get the money for pictures, or she could bring it later and it wasn't a big deal, and yet, when it came time for pictures, he burst into tears. Can you say, retakes?
Cooking : sugar cookie dough to make fruit cups for dessert.
Drinking : my newfound love DIET DR. PEPPER. (ok, we're just in like now. but I see something good on the horizon.)
Reading: blog after blog, and feeling my nerdy, yearly, fall desire to re-read harry potter. does anyone else ever get this???
Wanting: to finally get paid on the 25th. Also wanting some nice thick fall/winter tights for under my dresses and skirts.
Looking: at pinterest a lot more than i used to. 
Playing: lumosity - a train your brain game! I'm a weirdo, I know. I like the brain games.
Wasting: so much time. and yet, is it really time wasted? I'm getting things done... just not in the order I wanted in the beginning. It's all good, right?
Wishing: for fall to stay forever... until spring! And then fall again. And then spring! and then fall... you get the idea.
Enjoying: my newlywed life. what an adventure! 
Waiting: for my car radio to get fixed. I enjoyed quite the concert of myself singing on the way home to logan. Let me tell you... I don't need any music. Imma do it acapella ella ella 
Liking: My husbands old plaid shirt I found in the donating pile. I'm like, why are you throwing that away? It's my shirt now.
Wondering: If the kids will stop talking while I'm talking this week... something tells me FAT CHANCE. but i'm willing to take those odds. 
Loving: The fact that my house isn't sweltering hot anymore. Those no air-conditioning days of summer were not kind to me. Let's just say I spent a lot of time without clothes on. tmi? whoops.
Hoping: for a chance to go camping at least one more time before it gets too cold.
Marvelling: at how far my friends and I have come over the last three years! four missions, two marriages, one baby... and still we have each other.
Needing: new deodorant. bleh.
Smelling: clean laundry, and campfire from the neighbors next door. 
Wearing: grey skinny pants, white v-neck, husbands plaid shirt. comfy casual for the weekend!
Following: too many blogs. but how do i narrow it down??
Noticing: that i'm on my phone way too much. that thing is like, glued to my hand, i swear! I need to cool it. any tips on ridding yourself of the attached to your phone habit?
Knowing: the church of jesus christ of latter day saints is true.
Thinking: about my sister Abi's birthday yesterday! I hope she had a good one in texas! I hope she enjoyed her giant birthday box we sent her. And all the clothes I picked out for her. Hey... I want a birthday box too!
Feeling: content and a little sleepy. Life is so good... but it would be even better if there was a little more sleep involved!
Opening: Instagram. WAY too often.
Giggling: At the littlest funny things Alex does. By the way, have I told you guys about my new thing where if I even giggle in the slightest when it's late at night, I burst into tears? Yeah, it's pretty rad. And that's the first time i've used "rad" as an adjective since like... ever?

p.s. I may have stolen the idea for this from The Daybook who stole it from Meet Me at Mike's. and I'm doing a Blogtember post, so I guess you could say we're all friends here. It's cool. And since we're friends, feel free to introduce yourselves! Happy Monday!


  1. Mmm, sugar cookie dough and fruit cups sounds delicious! Oh my goodness, I am so with you on the cooler weather! I spent way too much time on a boat in the sweltering heat with no a/c this summer, and it's an entirely different world now that it's starting to get a little cooler!

    I wish my husband had a nice plaid shirt that I could steal. All of his are ugly.

  2. YES! The yearly desire to read Harry Potter has hit!! I'm curbing it for the time being by listening to the entire score on Spotify!

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  4. I am inspired by you. I have also created the blog with different concepts..Check it out


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