Tuesday, September 3, 2013

until we meet again

Yesterday I lost my sweet grandma. My heart is heavy, and full of love and appreciation for knowing her as long as I did. I will forever remember her beautiful smile, and the way she cared about each member of her family. At 80 years old, she took a road trip with her sister all the way from Washington to Utah to be with me on my wedding day. Words cannot express how much I appreciated that gesture. One of my favorite memories was when, after telling my dad that all she wanted for Christmas was to see us, she opened the door to see us on her porch on December 26. The tears that always filled her eyes when we had to say good-bye every summer made it so hard to leave. And even though I can no longer look forward to seeing her in Washington once a year, I know that her spirit will always be with us, walking on the beach, looking for the moon stones and agates. I am so excited to meet with her again in heaven, and I know that she is so much happier and healthier there than she was near the end of her life here.

Love you, Grandma. Until we meet again!

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