Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Super Family

This past weekend, Alex and I went down to my parents house to spend some time with family. I spent all of Saturday with my mom, putting together crock pot meals to freeze and use whenever I feel like, which is a brilliant idea. However, it's also majorly exhausting. I just had to keep reminding myself that the end product would be so worth it! About halfway in I thought to myself, "self, a real blogger would be documenting every single part of today! A real blogger would be taking pictures of all the food and posting a recipe, and then putting the pictures on the blog and pinning them to pinterest to increase traffic..." and then I thought, "meh... not worth it."

Because you know what, guys? There are already like 50,000 crock pot tutorials on pinterest. You're in good hands out there.

Anyway, I think it will be great. I'm excited to make my first crock pot meal as a married woman! (Is that embarrassing to admit?? *blush*)

During the whole debacle, my little brother asked me if we were planning on staying for the Super Bowl the next day. I regretfully told him no, because Alex and I were teaching the lesson in church on Sunday morning since we forgot all about the super bowl. My brother told us he would give us gas money if we would please come back (which, HELLO, sweetest thing a brother could say, right? Especially since he's 15.)

Alex and I thought about it for about 10 seconds and then we decided that for sure we would come back, and we would just pay for gas ourselves.

It ended up being so worth it! I don't know what it is - maybe the whole loving your family thing, but it is always so hard to say good-bye. I'm excited to live closer to them this summer.

Anyway, here are some pictures of me and my brother representing the Seahawks in his awesome jerseys. Please note how much bigger my 15 year old brother is than me. Also note that his jersey on me is like a dress. Also note that we can't take good pictures together because we are too goofy. Also note - don't judge. Celebrate!! :)

what's a super bowl without super bowl food?
#54 and #22 - Bobby Wagner and Robert Turbin respectively. They used to play for my alma mater Utah State. So, you know, we kind of love them with all our hearts.
p.s. do you celebrate the super bowl, or are you a hater? (remember, I love everyone who comes to this space, so feel free to be honest. who really cares either way, right?)


  1. I don't really care about the super bowl. But I am canadian, so maybe thats why? It's not big up here. I think the tradition of it is cool for people to get together, but I'm not into sports too much :)

  2. I love football and I loved watching the Super Bowl this year. I love the Seahawks, I think they have great personalities and my Jaguars coach came from there and I love them!

    I can't stand the Broncos so I was SUPER pumped they won. Plus it was a blast hosting my whole family and chowing down on my husband's yummy nachos and pulled pork!

  3. I'm into it for the food... that's about it. :)

  4. We are big superbowl fans, despite living in Australia. My dad, brothers and I always try and get a day off on Monday to watch it!


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