Thursday, March 13, 2014

pinterest dreams do come true!

So guess what, ladies? The other day I was on facebook, you know, wasting time, when suddenly a picture caught my eye. It was one of those really awesome hand drawn watercolor paintings of a cute couple. I mean, people are just SO talented these days. I was thrilled to see that my friend Kiersten was offering up these beautiful watercolors in order to advertise for her new Etsy shop! I immediately messaged her with a picture and a please-please-please-make-one-for-me-i'll-love-you-forever! Kiersten obliged, and I couldn't wait to share it with you all. 

I met Kiersten a couple years ago while I was doing the whole EFY counselor thing. She really impressed me, because she's one of those people who just radiates goodness, you know? She's short and sweet with a hilarious personality, and I just loved being around her! After EFY, I noticed that she would post things on instagram of cool DIY crafts she finished. I really admire people who can take something that seems like it should be tossed out, and turn it into something really beautiful. So of course, I was not surprised when she posted her first watercolor on facebook of herself and her husband. Check it out:

I mean... HOW ADORABLE IS THAT?! I was jealous, I must admit.
Hence me bombarding her as soon as I heard she needed some examples for her shop. This is how mine turned out, and you guys, I LOVE IT. I'm putting the original picture with it, so you can compare. She got my dress so perfectly!
 So cute, right??

You all need one, and NOW! Check out her Etsy shop here. You won't regret it! The cool thing is you don't have to be a couple for her to paint you. I bet she'd do roommates, best friends, sisters, sisters and brothers, grandparents... she can do whole families, check out the picture below!

I just think this would be the cutest gift for any family member or friend, or even to yourself. It's cool to give gifts to yourself guys. I endorse it.

Again... check out her Etsy shop here, Truleyme

p.s. it's alex's spring break, and i took two days off.. but i kind of feel like I should have just given up for the whole week ha ha. why do i have to care about my job??! why?!?!!?!


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