Tuesday, April 14, 2015

twenty five

Last Monday it was my birthday! I have officially survived 25 years on this Earth. I have to say, it's been a pretty awesome life so far. It's weird to think I'm a quarter of a century, but it feels right too. Like I'm finally as old as I feel, I guess! 

Anyway, this was pretty much the best birthday of my life. The week before had been my spring break, and I think maybe I mentioned that I have never had a birthday not be on spring break, so I took the day off! During which I spent the morning working for my uncle at his business... but... whatever. I also got a dentist appointment! Anyway, I went home around lunch and Alex took me to The Habit for a hamburger - Never been there? Go. Now.

After a delicious lunch, we drove down to the Living Planet Aquarium! I had never been there before and it was a super cool place. The lobster was really creepy. But I liked the clown fish a lot. The way they kept diving into the anemone!!! Be still my heart.

This picture is supposed to be us with penguins.

This is a picture of us with a shark, and me with a double chin.
Good thing Alex's mom got me a selfie stick for my birthday... we need some help.

Alex had told me earlier in the day that we were going to dinner in Salt Lake, so when we drove past Salt Lake, I questioned what we were doing. He told me to stop asking so many questions and that actually now we were having dinner past Farmington! I asked why (because I didn't feel like not asking questions) and he said my family decided to crash the party. So when we pulled off IN Farmington, I had to ask again what we were doing. To which a flustered Alex answered that we were all going to drive together. I decided to accept what he was saying, but when we turned on to the street I definitely noticed that there were A LOT of cars. And memories of him asking for all my friends' phone numbers came flooding back into my mind...

Lo and behold... SURPRISE! My first surprise party ever!! 

Rachel always knows the right emoticon for the moment.
Alex went for birthday party classic, and I even got a pinata! Which for some reason the pinata head ended up on my head... but I don't have any sort of reputation to uphold, so whatever.

The best surprise of all was that Alex had been working for months to get videos from all of my closest friends and family saying nice things about me! It was so funny to hear everyone's ideas of what my favorite color was (most people said orange... ORANGE?? Alex's brother Nick summed up my feelings when in the video he said, "No one's favorite color is orange." Thanks, Nick.) They told their favorite memories with me, and the funniest things I've done, and all the things they like about me... and that sounds super conceited... but it's so nice to feel loved! I definitely felt so loved and cared for, and I'm so grateful for every single one of you who participated and those of you who came to the party. Being surrounded by friends and family made for the best birthday ever!

And thank you to Alex, my loving, funny, talented, thoughtful husband, who always knows exactly what will make me happy.

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  1. Okay where is The Habit? I'll have to try it! Happy birthday! Alex was so thoughtful!

  2. It's important to note two things: 1) Chuckie Keeton jersey!!!! 2) Never in my long-legged life would I EVER schedule a dentist appointment on my birthday. It'd be like turning the BEST day ever into the worst one. But having said that, HAPPY BIRTHDAY! :)

  3. That's so cute!! What a cute hubs!


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