Saturday, May 28, 2011

the office

People are funny. If you are really quiet, you can hear the most entertaining things sometimes. For instance, the other day at work:

Coworker 1: Are you going down to the other building?
Coworker 2: ... Yes.
Coworker 1: Oh good, will you please go get this toner for me?
Coworker 2: Uhh, I think we have one on the shelf...
Coworker 1: Oh, really? I didn't see it. Maybe I was wrong, I'll go check.
Coworker 2: Yeah, you should do that.... I wasn't really going down to the other building.
Coworker 1: What?
Coworker 2: I thought maybe you wanted to go down there to play a game of basketball... 

p.s. there's just something good about a person who enjoys tomatoes and avocados.

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