Sunday, May 29, 2011

nothing at all

Yesterday was a special day in history. It was the day that my gem of a best friend Carli Bahm was born into this world. And since I have a habit of talking about my friends on this blog, dedicating posts especially to them... I think it's Carli's turn.

this is Carli.

Carli Bahm is really great. She's a super friend to have around, because she always knows what's up. I love talking to her, because she doesn't expect me to be perfect all the time, and she gets it when I'm feeling down about something. Carli is probably the funniest person you'll ever meet. I don't know how she does it, but she says the craziest things sometimes, and makes everyone want to be her friend. She's really thoughtful also. I can think of many times we were together and she mentioned that so-and-so was having a hard time, and maybe we should bring them a treat. When people text her using a lot of acronyms and abbreviations, she feels like throwing up. So, naturally, a lot of our conversations are written solely in acronyms and abbreviations.

Crli, u r so gr8, i cnt w8 2 see u l8tr 2dy. So xctd. brng lts of bbs. <3

p.s. let's watch adventure time someday?? 


  1. Aw Mad, u r da bst, I cnt blve I hve u as a frnd. BFFAE( learned this acronym from the poster you guys gave me.)

  2. Best friends forever and ever?


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