Tuesday, September 20, 2011

I had time to put a braid in my hair...

here's the thing. i didn't do anything yesterday. nothing.
except help pick out a most fabulous swimsuit for a most fabulous competition for a most fabulous friend.
i went to work. for four hours.
i found out i got accepted to the elementary education level three program.
which i suppose is kind of a big deal.

and it's just,
i'm happy.

totally, and completely happy.
but there's a little nagging at my heart,
holding me back, and at the same time pushing me forward.
making me change my mind, over and over.
i feel bad about that, i really do.
but it tells me something can be better.
good, better, best.
good, better, best.
good, better, best.
i'm sorry.
i'm happy.
i'm scared.
i'm excited.
i'm ready.
i'm stuck.
i'm mean.
i'm wonderful.
i'm tired.

and i don't know what to do about any of this.
except just keep living, and loving.
and believing
that no matter what
i'll find the best.
good, better, BEST.


  1. I feel like that talk concisely put what so many people were muddily thinking for a long time

  2. Madeline- I think I found you in the comments section of Meg Fee's blog. You quoted J.K. Rowling. Holy Cow. Let's be friends. :) I teach kindergarten so the fact that you got accepted into the next ele. ed. program IS a big deal! You're gonna love it. It is the hardest/funnest/scariest/best/most exhausting/most hilarious/most worthwhile profession out there! :) Best wishes. Holly


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