Thursday, September 8, 2011

sometimes...i take the elevator.

yes, this is my house. the famous nottingham house. more pictures to come.
Let's hear it for another Awkward and Awesome Thursday! Courtesy of this lovely lady. Check out her blog, she may or may not be my idol.

- Sometimes the Institute of Religion on my campus REALLY wants us to sign up for a class. So they put a big bowl of candy next to the sign ups. So, I like institute, and decide I want to check out what classes they are offering. And then I grab a bunch of candy, because I deserve it. And as I turn around, one of the teachers says hi, and asks to shake my hand. So, I have my notebook in one hand, and candy in the other... what should I do? Well, probably drop the candy would be the best bet. And then pick it up after he leaves.
- Walking up the very steep hill to school from my house. And when I feel like I can't go on any longer, so I make weird faces, because that makes me feel better. No one else notices... I'm sure.
- After walking up the steep steep hill, cutting through the parking garage to take the elevator. And when the elevator stops going up, you start getting out and almost bump into a man, because it's actually only at the second floor. And then the man wants to talk to you. And then he wants to walk to class with you. And this man is straight out of 1985, mullet, unbuttoned shirt showing chest hair and all.
- Bumping elbows with people when you share an arm rest in class.
- Going to class at 9:30 on Tuesday, and not realizing that your class actually started at 9. In fact, not even realizing it until Wednesday. Oops.

- Wearing a fanny pack on the first day of school. Yep, I did that. 
- My house, that rocks. Because it has so much space. And because it's cute and old. I PROMISE I will blog pictures of it someday. The one at the top is good for now, right?
- Starting an exclusive Pinterest Club with your friends. Good food every Saturday? Yes, please.
- Playing pogs in the middle of the quad on campus. Thank you girl who walked by and told us how awesome we are. You are welcome to play with us some time.
- My university. Because as I was walking down the sidewalk yesterday, I happened upon a group of people with two huge horses. They were advertising free horseback rides. My only regret is that I didn't take them up on their offer. This is because I was late for class... but still.
- Playing a prank on friends that involves myself and a couple other people taking our friends shirts. And then instigating a games night, where we all show up wearing the shirts. And then watching the friends figure out what was going on. It was good. That's all.

So there you go, awkward? yes. Awesome? yes.

p.s. it's almost the weekend!!


  1. I like this. Buuutttt.... your blog has way too many inside jokes, girrrl. I'm feeling left out. You're too cool for school.

  2. I love how you take the elevator up to campus. You're too great.


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