Wednesday, September 7, 2011

with my freeze ray i will STOP the world

On Saturday morning, I found myself with quite a few of my good friends, watching the Utah State vs. Auburn football game. It was a heartbreaker. I almost cried when it looked like we had won it, no questions asked. And then sat numbly as I watched Auburn have miracle after miracle, and win in the last three minutes.
Needless to say, our little group was the picture of devastation.
However... the truth of the matter is, half of the group was preoccupied with this awesome little thing called Pinterest for nearly half the game...
Yes, I have become one of THOSE people.
Kjarinda, Jaron and I could hardly tear our eyes away from the "Food and Drink" section. So many delicious things! Is it lunch time yet?
And then we had an idea.
Why don't we make the things we see on Pinterest?
Why don't we do it every week?
Why don't we have a Pinterest Party every Saturday?
So, with our spirits considerably brightened (only the three of us. Matt and Braden were still crying a little bit.) we headed to the grocery store to grab ingredients.
We traveled to Kjarinda's to make these delectable cookies, found on Pinterest of course. They were lovely chocolate chip cookies, with OREO'S ON THE INSIDE. And we threw in some chocolate chip cookies with marshmallows inside for good measure.
And after making a huge mess, we had the final project.

this is what pinterest showed us.
this is what we made. the oreo ones.
Basically, they were delicious. 
However... who knew that if you put real marshmallows in cookies, the marshmallows disappear? I guess it's important to read recipes sometimes... just in case.

And the moral of the story is, we are now an exclusive club. We even signed a contract.
Want to join? We'll hold a council and decide if you're worthy. 
But for now, the five of us are the Power Rangers.

p.s. Pinterest Day posts will become a once a week thing. Get excited.


  1. The only danger looming is you loving me to death, so I'll give you a sec to catch your breath.
    - Captain Hammer

  2. hahahahaha I love this so much!!! Oh the joys of life.

  3. I will fight Braden to the death. I am the black ranger.


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