Monday, September 26, 2011

well, that's pinteresting...

The title of this blog post is deceiving. There was no pinterest this weekend... which is very disturbing to me, and I will have to talk to my friends about why this happened. 
The fact of the matter is, my wonderful family came up this weekend, and I spent a delightful Saturday morning/afternoon with them, and was not available to plan pinterest. (I'm sure someone else could have planned it, right?? just sayin... :) ) 
Anyway, my family lead by my wonderful father who just happens to be one of the biggest Aggie's I've ever met. He LOVES Utah State. So when they came up this weekend for my little brother's football game, and the homecoming game at my super cool university, my dad decided to plan a little tailgate party. 
And oh, did we tailgate.
All afternoon, even.
And the food and company were perfect.
So basically it was a fantastic day.
Except for the homecoming football game, which we shall not speak of at this moment. Too painful.
However, the company was superb.
And my date to the dance afterward wasn't half bad either.
So the main point of this post is, pinterest will still happen every Saturday from now on.
That's all.

p.s. life is beautiful. it's a great movie AND a true statement.
p.p.s. you guys... please vote on the poll. 16 votes is super boring... if you read, go ahead and vote, it's anonymous and you can do it more than once! although, the amount of you who are sick of reading my blog is a little disconcerting...


Tell me your thoughts on the subject.

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