Tuesday, October 25, 2011

luckily in life, we have choices

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I worried about that post yesterday.
I wrote it in a moment of catharsis that I sorely needed.
But things you say in moments of anger are usually things you regret.
And as I reread those lines over and over again, and asked myself if I would regret them,
the answer was no.
Certainly not.
They were things that definitely needed to be said.
If only just so that I could see them right in front of me.
Instead of having them swirling and twirling inside my head, unravelling my good thoughts and replacing them with all the would have, should have, and could haves.
So please, forgive me if it seemed harsh.
Forgive me if it seemed dramatic.
Forgive me if it seemed unwarranted.
Forgive me if it seemed pathetic.
It is what it is.
Did any of you see my friend Jenna's comment?
That was really sweet of her.
She's right you know. There is definitely a pattern.
And the scared, discouraged part of me wants to curl up in a ball and say, "I'll never find that. No one will ever treat me that way. No one will ever think I'm worth being treated that way."
And then the larger, hopelessly optimistic, faithful part of me says defiantly, "Someone will treat you that way. Someone will fall on his hands and knees to treat you that way. Someone will look at you for the first time, and know that you're worth being treated that way.
Because you are."

Well, I can choose which part to believe.
And that is something to be thankful for.

p.s. rootbeer freezes from A&W are possibly the best new treat this side of the chocolate covered strawberry.


  1. you weren't harsh or any of those things. You were real. You are human. and I love you.


  2. I think you'll be really happy spending the rest of forever with Brent and I. Just saying.......

  3. We all have moments when we need to release pent up frustration. However, those moments should be handled privately because others have feelings that can be hurt as well.

  4. I wish I could "like" comments on my blog. I would definitely "like" Jenna's. And that's that.


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