Monday, October 24, 2011


Hey you. Yes, you. Gave me my first kiss and then got back together with your ex-girlfriend a week later. I hated that. That sucked. Really, pretty heartless, you know? And I heard you didn't treat her that well either. Well, whatever. Forget you. And oh yeah, can't forget you. You forgot me. All the time. Bottom of the priority list... all the time. I've never cried so much in my whole life compared to that time with you. And so what? You, who appeared to have everything, but couldn't see it right in front of you. Pushed me aside because everything else in the world was more important. And how about you? Getting mad at me because I couldn't decide what I wanted. Forcing me to decide I didn't want you. And maybe it's so annoying to me that you worked so hard to get me to like you that when I finally did, it wasn't enough for you. I was too nice to you. Whatever. And how was I supposed to know that you were treating every girl exactly the same as me? I was stupid to think that I was somehow more special in your eyes. Oh well. The whole time I thought that you were the one for me, but when I gave you the option of sticking around, you ran away as quick as possible. Well thanks. Thanks for making it really easy for me to forget about you. And as far as you go, I liked you. Don't sit there and make it sound like I had it wrong the whole time, like I was dumb for believing you liked me too. I deserve a lot more respect than for you to act like nothing happened between us. But if that's how you want it, fine.

I'm done.

(but really though, I'm not done... eh eh eh eh let's go!!... name the song.)

p.s. you know those times when you know exactly what you're going to say, but when you get to the situation, your words disappear? this is an ode to that feeling. get it all out there.


  1. I see a common pattern here.

    You need to find a man who treats you like you're his world. You'll find him someday :) You're already my whole world.

  2. You have me forever and ever and ever :)


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