Wednesday, October 12, 2011

somebody, somewhere, loves you

me and my lovely sisters

Things On My Mind Right Now

1. Haley's awkward text messages.
2. Fall Break trips.
3. The old letter I found in my bin of miscellaneous papers.
4. I should probably do homework at some point.
5. Home made pizza is really good.
6. I have a lot of movies to watch that I've never seen.
7. My sisters. They're super awesome.
8. My little brother. Even more awesome.
9. How I should sleep more.
10. I'm following Santa Claus on Twitter. (He WILL tweet me back.)
11. Nerdy... but way excited to download iOS 5 on my iphone.
12. What to wear.
13. My new work out plan.
14. My life long secret dream to be a fitness instructor. (Even though I'm terrible at fitness.)
15. I love water. And chocolate covered strawberries. 

p.s. feeling a little better... :)


  1. Can I tell you how wonderful I felt while reading this? Especially because #14 is gonna happen. We are going to make it happen. haha. As well as #10

  2. iOS 5 is out! I's updating RIGHT NOW!!! ARE YOU????

  3. Ha ha ha you ARE a nerd :) aw, you are the best roommate ever (don't tell Jenna :)) (remember how you guys would always do that to me?! Pay back time ha ha)

  4. You are such a sweet heart! Just found your blog and I'm so glad I did!
    I have never ever made homemade pizza, but I've really been wanting to lately! I'm thinking I'm going to give it a try next week!
    And I really need to get a twitter account...

  5. Have you ever received a complement on your hair?

    Well I thought you should know that your hair is uniquely beautiful! I enjoy the bangs.

    sorry for being a creeper :)


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