Monday, October 17, 2011

winning at tetherball, and an assortment of other things

Well, this was a good weekend. For the most part.
On Saturday I spent a good amount of the day on adventures with some friends.
We may have gone to the Pepperidge Farm place.
And it may have not impressed me that much.
But I may have gotten some goldfish and cookies anyway.
(What? They were cheap.)
And then while there, Kjarinda and I may have had the idea to drive to Bear Lake.
And then we may have gotten chocolate milk at the Gossner's cheese factory (or whatever it's called).
And then we may have grabbed our jackets and driven to bear lake.
And enjoyed sights like this, on the whole 40 minute drive there.
that's just a sample.
And then perhaps we made it to Bear Lake.
And you could probably bet that we got dinner.

And you never know... Maybe we went to a park after that and played on the swings and dominated a tetherball court?
But I can neither confirm nor deny any of this information.

this doesn't confirm or deny anything.
Anyway, you never know. All of that could have been fun.

Not so fun? Saying good-bye to this lady. You can bet some tears were shed.
Just a little depressed... See you in 18 months!

p.s. why is it so hard/bad to say "we need to talk"?


  1. Oh Tetherball. My new favorite hobby. Let's find a tetherball court in Logan? Yes? And I just keep thinking about Lauren. All day. I love her. And you.

  2. okay that swing is hilarious! haha... i think your pose adds to it. looks like a fun weekend.


  3. goldfish and tetherball...two of my very favorite offerings of this world.

  4. ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh meg commented on both our blogs!!!!!!!!! i get so excited when her name pops up.


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