Wednesday, October 19, 2011

be ok today

"I'm so excited to hear about your night tomorrow!"I told Haley.
"I'm excited to hear about yours!" She responded.
"Oh, I'm nervous." I said, heading toward the door.
"Don't be," she answered sympathetically.
"It's ok," I said, "I'm resigned to my fate. Whatever happens happens. It will be ok."

It will be ok.
No matter how anxious or stressed out I get,
everything will turn out fine.
Isn't that something we could all pay attention to in our lives? The fact that everything will be fine.
But no. We get so wrapped up in the present. In the hurt, in the grief, in the excitement and stress of the day. The way we woke up wrong in the morning and everything was downhill from there...
But tomorrow IS another day. 
And you can choose the way you live it.
True, other people will be there, influencing you.
But you decide how you act, how you react, or how you don't act.
No one else can change that.

I've been thinking a lot lately about the line from 500 Days of Summer.
You know the one,
where Tom begs Summer for a little bit of consistency.
For the knowledge that she loves him, needs him, wants him around - the same way he loves, needs, and wants her.
And she says, "I can't give you that, Tom. No one can."
Is that true?
No one can.
No one can?

It will be ok.

For now, here's a movie of me and my friend Lauren. Doing what we do best. (whatever that is.)

p.s. what should i do this weekend?


  1. As for this weekend. Let's convince Lauren to hang out with us. I need a get away of some sort. Maybe the hot springs? I've never been..

  2. come home.

    also. if you need consistency that's what you will get. you know what drives me insane? Boys telling me i can't expect a knight in shining armor. i'll expect whatever i darn well please. if you need consistency, you deserve consistency.

  3. I agree with Abi and disagree with Summer Fin (although I'm super in love with her). There will be someone who can give you all that yo want. There is never a need to settle.

  4. Oh you know, just randomly reading this post two years later.

    I think the end of 500 Days of Summer proved Summer wrong. She did find love, and she gave love.

    So... there you go. I'm glad you've found love as well now :)


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