Saturday, June 18, 2011

heart to heart

Ok, remember that post I was going to post a couple weeks ago but blogger deleted it and i haven't posted it because i'm just simply too lazy sometimes? Well, even though I should be dead asleep right now, I am going to post it. Because I really can't have this weighing on my conscience any longer. So here it goes. Basically, last summer a building counselor asked me to write down why I was an EFY counselor. So I did, and here it is, for your personal viewing.

Why I Am An EFY Counselor

I love the gospel. I know that it is true. I know that if I didn't have the gospel in my life, I would be lost. When I came to EFY as a participant, I had a testimony. I knew that the church was true, but what I didn't completely understand back then was how important that knowledge is. I didn't understand how amazing the gospel is, or what it does for me. I assumed that my Heavenly Father loved me, and that I was a daughter of God, but it hadn't really impressed me yet. I believed that Heavenly Father heard and answered my prayers, but I didn't realize the comfort that could bring, knowing that he WANTED to hear and answer my prayers. I went to church and listened to my teachers, but I didn't apply anything to my life. After EFY, it was like the gospel truly came to life for me. I had a greater identity, and sense of purpose because I realized the importance of the gospel, and what it is truly about. It's about the love that our Father in Heaven has for us, and the opportunity He is giving us to live here and learn and come back to Him. The opportunity to become like Him. EFY taught me that it takes effort to get back to Him, but it also taught me how to do it. Searching the scriptures, obeying the commandments, praying, loving others. It taught me to be a better person! My goal as an EFY counselor is to make sure that the youth entrusted to me go home knowing why they are here. That they all have a purpose, and that they are SO loved by their Heavenly Father. I want each of them to know that He wants them back, and I want to show them how to get there. If I help one person this whole summer understand their worth and purpose, that is enough. I know that this gospel is true, and I love sharing it with these youth. I love them so much, and I wan them to know, with ALL of my heart, that they are children of their Heavenly Father who loves them. That is why I am a counselor.

p.s. if you are in the market for a sweet kitten, let me know.

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  1. As the mother of a teen I am sending to EFY next week...I am grateful for EFY counselors like you! :)


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