Monday, June 13, 2011

wonder of wonders

Ok, someday for real I will honestly post that post that I was supposed to post last week. But as of right now my computer battery is going to run out soon, and the little tiny dorm room I am staying in has all of three outlets. Each of which cannot hold my mac charger because they are in the ceiling and the charger is heavy and falls out.

So yeah... just chillin in my room, watching EFY kids go through the line outside in the rain and hearing their happy chatter. They are about to have the best week of their lives, no big deal. In the mean time, texting my sisters who are coming to EFY this week is keeping me entertained and I SO cannot wait to party it up with them. They are going to think I'm the coolest sister ever. If they didn't already... of course they did.

This week is going to rock. A lot. I can just feel it.

(hopefully i didn't just jinx myself...)

p.s. totally forgot to bring a towel with me... so that was awesome.

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  1. Hope you sruvive the week without that...necessity... :)


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