Saturday, June 11, 2011

like you always do

My Thoughts Right Now

EFY is really pretty cool.
I kind of love being an EFY counselor.
Sometimes I find it weird that I'm a real person.
I hope nobody comes into work today so I can continue doing nothing.
Please please please little EFY children... stay on the right path.
I'm loving the counselors that I work with.
Late night phone calls.
Dancing with people you have a crush on.
How fun next week is going to be with my sisters. All of us together at EFY... get ready for awesome.
Hair colors.
Farmer's tans.and the fact that i have one now.
Toms. and the fact that i also have a tan line from them.
The fact that I had an awesome blog post for you all to be pondering this week but Blogger deleted it and I'll post it tomorrow.
K bye.

p.s. sometimes I am so ridiculously... OBVIOUS.

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