Friday, August 12, 2011

the difference between serious and joking

I love my friends.
I cannot wait to spend all weekend with them.
It has been far too long since we've all be in the same place!
And today is the day.
Today I get to see them all again. 
You guys, seriously. Have you ever had a group of people you just wanted to be with all the time? I'm telling you. I have the best friends ever. Don't believe me? Feel free to join us. I'll show you how it is. 

Tonight we're having a camp-out for Jenna's "Graduation Party" - She graduated last year... don't ask me.

And on Saturday we're having a birthday party for Haley at Utah's pride and joy theme park, Lagoon! (It really was her birthday quite recently...)

And I could be really excited because one of these people in the pictures above will be sitting next to me on all the rides - scary or otherwise - but... who wants to know? ;)

p.s. what are your weekend plans?



  2. Wait...I thought I was going to sit next to you on all the rides. How can Jenna sit next to you if I am going to? I don't think they'll allow three people in two seats. Madeline, you better figure this out or I'm going to be really mad at Jenna for assuming she gets to sit next to you.

  3. You guys, I really can't have you fighting about this. If this behavior continues I won't sit by EITHER of you. I'm sure you'll make the right choice.

  4. Okay. You can sit next to Jason. I'll sit next to Cafe.

  5. umm... I'm pretty sure Haley wanted to sit by you Jenna. So I really think you should sit by her, so her feelings aren't hurt. And I'm almost certain that Matt was wanting to sit by Jason, and I wouldn't want to hurt HIS feelings... so I don't know how this will work out!

  6. As much as I'd LOVE to sit next to Matthew all day long, I think it would be even more fun to switch it up and sit next to different people throughout the day. I will make one exception to this rule however, Madeline, you should sit by Cafe, just saying. Jenna, I'm going to kiss you on the cheek when we pass the Colossus camera. :)

  7. I have effectively vanished.

  8. Jenna: I don't think I ever sat by you
    Jason: There is no camera on collosus (aka the "fire dragon")
    Madeline: please stop sitting by coffee places
    Taylor: I really wish you could have come!! (And yes, that deserved the double !)

  9. Seriously.
    Everyone was telling me to sit by coffee places, Haley! Now you're against it?
    And Taylor, we really wanted you to come. We don't think you've vanished, so why do you?

  10. The only people of the group I've seen this summer are Matt and Jason, and that was a brief visit. So basically, I have vanished this summer, just saying! That will change in a couple weeks though when school starts, yes?

  11. Heck yes Taylor, we'll play racquetball every weekend. And everyone else: I didn't get to sit by Jenna OR Jason OR Madeline OR Cafe on any of the rides! But I did get to sit by Matt and he dunked me under a waterfall, it was pretty magical.

  12. I loved it when Jason kissed me on colossus.


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