Thursday, August 11, 2011

unconditional, unoriginal

Sometimes I take pictures of my shoes. This is because I love them. (Forever 21). And also because I finally got on board with the whole "instagram" app. And I was interested to see what would happen to my amazing tan line on my feet if I edited it up a bit. Well... I'm liking it a lot. How about you?
 Continuing on with my lovely Instagrams... I got a jamba today and it was heavenly. I can't tell you what flavor it was though. Because it's a secret flavor. So you'll just have to guess! But. I get it EVERY TIME. Because it's deliciousness is almost more than I can handle. So, if you're lucky enough to know which one it is, I encourage you to treat yourself to one immediately.

And finally, to end this random post. You may have heard me talk about my best friend Haley. We have gone to school together since elementary. Only Haley doesn't remember me from way back when. (I do actually remember her...)  We've talked about it, and we had a ton of classes together. And it turns out we stood next to each other in a Chorus performance in like fifth grade. She's in the middle, I'm on the right with glasses. Funny how this world works, eh? We never knew we'd be roommates eventually...

p.s. is there such a thing as coincidence?


  1. Ha ha ha there are NO coincidences!

  2. There are coincidences, like the one time we found a picture of Haley on the packaging of a Halloween wig in Wal-Mart.

  3. Ohkay...ha ha I had forgotten about that, that's funny :)


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