Tuesday, August 9, 2011

the words that don't come out

dancing in the rain
I'm sorry. Do I keep talking about this? the whole dancing in the rain during a lightning storm thing? It's just that, it was one of those great moments in life. 

There we were, sitting next to each other on the roof of the car. Watching the sky light up, over and over again. Listening to a playlist made only five minutes ago, for this occasion especially. 
And a feeling came over me, that if this was truly happening right now, I should do something about it. But what? 
So I said, "It would be awesome if it started pouring rain right now." 
Lauren looked at me quickly, wide eyed, and gasped, "Did you feel that?"
And the next thing I knew, we were jumping off the car, and dancing. Spinning around and around as the rain drops hit everything in sight, making the warm pavement smell like summer. 
Just one of those moments when you realize, 
life is absolutely, breathtakingly perfect.
Even during the times where it may seem that things are going wrong, or are falling apart, or you'll never be happy again... life is still perfect. 
It's exactly the way that it is meant to be. 
Beautiful, and terrifying.
It's a lightning storm.

p.s. what do you want to become?

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